Leading a mission is very different from leading business profitability. The impact we seek is reflected in life transformation rather than on a balance sheet. 


Yet, this can often be difficult to define, measure, and secure resources for. Additionally, we often struggle trying to understand what key elements we need in place in order to facilitate the mission impact we strive for.


Whether you are the director of a nonprofit, the pastor of a church, or a business leader looking to change lives, you don’t have to tackle the challenges you are facing alone. Let’s connect about some of those challenges so that you can increase your IMPACT!



Rick offers a variety of training webinars throughout the year to help you develop the knowledge, skills, and experience you need to move your mission forward! 

[2021 schedule in development]



Leadership coaching is confidential and can be done virtually to help you strengthen your leadership or navigate challenging circumstances.

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Rick can help your team assess, strategize, and execute a strategic plan with key initiatives and deliverables that will grow your reach and increase your impact!