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Have you experienced a significant loss in your life? Are you navigating a difficult transition or stressful season of life? Is shame or low self esteem holding you back from what you want to do or who you want to be? Today can be your first step towards healing and new beginnings!


Leadership burnout is real. And so is the loneliness and stress that comes from being at the top of your org chart. If you are feeling stuck, burnt out, or overwhelmed, get help and support from someone who has traveled the leadership journey as well. Help can start today!


Rick offers a variety of trainings related to grief, loss, and overall emotional health!

  • Understanding Grief & Loss: Everyone grieves differently. But why? Learn about the uniqueness of loss (including non-death losses) and tools people can use to help navigate their grief and experience healing.

  • Guiding Others Through Grief: A training for mental health professionals, ministry leaders, or anyone else who wants to gain confidence and skills to better support others navigating loss.

  • Grieving Like a Hero: A family-friendly training that uses the stories of our favorite movie characters to better understand grief and healing after loss.

  • Cinema Sessions: How to use movies to improve your mental health!

  • The Nonprofit Leadership Journey: Overcoming six pitfalls that trap leaders or keep them stuck while also improving their mental health!

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