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Blogger's Block & Booty Shorts: A Bunch of Scribbles and Unfinished Stories.

Well, it finally happened.

No, I didn’t finally start a Meatloaf tribute band, although that dream is still alive.

I finally have blogger’s block.

I’ve had writer’s block numerous times, but I’ve blamed Dikembe Mutumbo on far too many occasions. It’s time for a fresh take. We need a new NBA center to blame. How about 80’s Legend, Mark Eaton?

Yep, I like it. Mark Eaton - the face of Blogger’s Block. This 7'4" bearded man in booty shorts has swatted my creativity out past center court and is staring me down. It would be more intimidating if his shorts weren't three feet above his kneecaps...

I have at least 4-5 half-written articles right now, along with a dozen other titles or principles to write about. But something is preventing me from finishing them. Every time I revisit the topic, I get stuck.

Why? Is there a reason? Or is his defense just extra intense right now?

This is the part where I sit, pray, and reflect. Is there something I’m afraid to write about? Is there something I’m ashamed to write about? Am I simply distracted? Or am I in desperate need of a chocolate chip cookie?

This is the uncomfortable part, the waiting period. The time spent writing something that might go unfinished.

As I’m sitting here, I’m wondering if I should just post an incomplete article. No ending. No pretty bow to wrap things up with. Maybe just some jumbled, disconnected thoughts.

But maybe that’s the point. Maybe that’s what needs to happen right now...

We love hearing stories with happy endings. Or just any ending really. How terrible would it be to go see a movie that didn’t have an ending? Or read a book that felt like it was missing a few chapters at the end?

The reality is that many of our stories don’t have a nice pretty bow at the end of them. Many of them are still being written, and we are afraid to share them as a result.

"I’m still a work in progress, so I’m going to refrain from talking about that area of my life until that chapter is complete."

"I’m not ready yet. I’m gonna sit on the sidelines till I learn more. Read more. Grow more."

Sometimes this is necessary. But often, it's just our fear and shame preventing us from sharing. We'd rather know the outcome before we share it with someone else. The uncertainty makes us vulnerable, and we incorrectly view that as weakness.

Here's the point: Let someone hear your story, even if it doesn’t have an ending. Embrace the uncertainty. You have a gift to give, even if it isn’t wrapped up in a nice bow.

This is by far the messiest, most disjointed post I've written. But maybe that's exactly what's needed.

Ok Mr. Eaton, let's do this...

Join The Conversation

Have you ever felt like you can't share your story because it's not done being written? Has there ever been a time where fear or shame has prevented you from sharing with another person who is experiencing something similar to what you are going through? Or maybe your trying to write and your stuck because you don't know how something will play out. I would love to hear from you. Share your comments below or contact me on Twitter @RickGuttersohn.

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